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As you may know, I am very excited about the release of Cult of the Lamb and not only am I nearing the end of the game due to my addictive personality, I have been trying to find all the tips and tricks. I would recommend players who are new to the game to try it out to make their lives easier.

While Cult of the Lamb is a game where players have many options, none of which completely prevent the player from completing the game, there are some options that will make balancing your missions and city management easier for you. in a situation. where all your followers are pissed off, dying, or ready to defect while you're focused on something else.

Although I played the Cult of the Lamb demo oncontraction transmission, I can't say that I was prepared for everything that you can do in the game and the versatility of the game.

While I spent most of my time in Cult of the Lamb completing dungeon crawling levels, I found this game to be a lot of fun, even with the number of tasks you had to complete to make sure everything was available to you.

Now while coveringdoctrinesin the past which are a major element of the game, i strongly believe that rituals will be your saving grace as they are the aspect of the game that allows you to ignore your followers for long periods of time so you can do other tasks like Fishing or my favorite item , Dungeon Crawling.

The unfortunate reality is that while players may have access to many Rituals, they will never be able to obtain them all, as many are unlocked through Doctrines. Doctrines are one of the only items in the game that require you to make a single choice about what you want, and essentially exclude you from different decisions. While this sounds annoying, as you can't access everything in your first playthrough, the reality is that not every ritual is worth it, so don't stress yourself out too much.

The following guide will walk you through all the different Cult of the Lamb rituals and give you tips on how to use them. Of course, things can differ between how you play and how I play, although I try to cover as many tactics as I can.

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Rituals in Cult of the Lamb are essentially another way that players can manipulate their followers in Cult of the Lamb. While players will want to prepare sermons each morning to keep their followers' faith high, they will also want to perform rituals to change the way their followers work and use them to kill followers they no longer need.

Rituals must be performed in the Temple, and unlike sermons, they have a few days of cooldown, meaning a player cannot perform them daily to keep their faith high. Players often want to avoid using multiple rituals on a daily basis due to their long cooldowns, and when they have a good chunk of them unlocked, they'll want to make sure they always have at least one "clutch save" ritual available in case of catastrophes that lead to their followers rebel against them.


It can actually shorten the cooldown of Rituals, although this can take quite a while as it requires players to complete a fair amount of Shrine Skill Tree upgrades.

The only cooldown currently available to players is 50%, which is nothing to scoff at as it greatly reduces the chance that you won't have a ritual available when you need it.

Honestly, I recommend pushing to get this skill as soon as possible, as it can greatly affect the amount of resources you get and the faith of your crew, as some of these rituals are heavily overpowered.


In fact, you can lower the Cost of Rituals in your Shrine Skill Tree. This comes before the cooldown, and while I wouldn't say it's worth it, the fact that it will take you one step closer to unlocking the cooldown reduction ability makes it well worth it.

Personally, I don't find it difficult to stock up on the necessary resources for Rituals, but that doesn't mean everyone feels the same way, so if you're struggling, definitely prioritize this.


The next section will walk you through each Ritual in the Cult of the Lamb, how to use them, and what to focus on when choosing between two.

Rather than making a "tier list", I'll just focus on describing each one to avoid confusion, as some will be blocked if players are currently in a decision due to Doctrines.


The bonfire ritual will be a staple for you when you're losing faith, especially if an event occurred in the cult that caused all of your followers to lose faith in you. This usually happens when you're adventuring, as you'll sometimes have a food curse for your followers, although this can also happen if too many followers die or you don't have adequate food for all of them.

The Bonfire Ritual is unlocked by completing The Faith of the Flock and Declaring Doctrine quests.

To perform the Bonfire Ritual, players will need to pay 10 Wood and 25 Bones, although this is a good exchange for 30 Faiths.

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It is true that the Rite of the Burn cannot save a Cult that is falling apart and is mainly used as a supplement, but I would run it if your daily Sermon does not complete your Faith that day.


Flesh sacrifice is also a great ritual, as it is one of the only ways players can kill one of their followers without losing faith. I tend to use Sacrifice of the Flesh to kill the follower that is the highest, though it can be used to kill the follower that provides the player with the biggest stat boost, as higher level followers offer higher caps on rewards. level. followers.

I would suggest players use Sacrifice of the Flesh whenever it's on cooldown, however players should try to make sure they regularly recruit new Followers to justify the sacrifice.

Players can unlock the Flesh Sacrifice simply by continuing the story. It's unclear what this actually unlocks, as some players unlocked it by completing the first dungeon, Darkwood, multiple times, while others unlocked it right at the second dungeon. Based on this information, it looks like players simply need to do a series of dungeons to unlock them, though it could also have to do with how many times you run a dungeon once you've found side quests to complete. I'll update this when the exact message to unlock it is found, however at this point my best advice is "keep playing".

Meat Sacrifice has a slight drawback, of course it will cost the player a Follower, but it will also cost 75 Bones. Also, it will reduce your cult's faith by 10, although this isn't as important due to the reward you get.

Players will power up like they do in a sermon, essentially being able to gain twice as much power in one day. Honestly, this is one of the best ways to unlock the different power levels and it's the absolute best way to make sure you have enough power to quickly progress through the dungeons.


At first I didn't really care for the Brainwashing Ritual because I wasn't fighting Faith, but when I started working through the dungeons and moving past the first section to doing the unlimited mods, I quickly understood how important it was to make sure you can leave your Cult for extended periods of time.

The Brainwashing Ritual is the only way to guarantee that you can leave your cult without losing faith, as performing it will lock your faith 100% for two full days. Now, depending on what your Doctrines are, you can harm your followers by performing the Brainwashing Ritual, so make sure youcheck out my doctrine guideto see how this can be avoided.

To unlock the Brainwashing Ritual, players will need to unlock the Spore Grotto and give Menticide Sozo Mushrooms. As part of the Sozo quest, players will need to do the Brainwashing Ritual, although I recommend doing this ritual whenever you plan on being gone for long periods of time.

The Brainwashing Ritual will cost players 25 Menticid Mushrooms and 10 Wood. This can seem a little pricey, especially if you aren't working the second dungeon on a regular basis, although if you set up a good automated farm it becomes much easier.

What are all and the best rituals | Cult of the Lamb - Basically Medium (2)


The Ritual of Resurrection is part of the second Doctrine of the Beyond and is usually the best choice. Honestly, I don't know where I would be without the ability to resurrect my followers, as this will not only help you correct the mistakes you've made along the way, but it will also be the only way to ensure you make it to the main one. Level followers you have.

Essentially, the Ritual of Resurrection will allow you to resurrect any Followers you've died of, meaning you can resurrect anyone you've killed, sacrificed, ascended, or died naturally of old age.

While there are no other benefits to resurrecting followers, it can be difficult to level up your followers, especially if they have modifiers that lower them, so get to work and keep resurrecting your best followers.

Ritual of Resurrection costs 150 Bones.


While I say the funeral is a sweeter way to say goodbye to your followers, the reality is that you will either have that option or the resurrection ritual.

The Funeral Ritual is great for keeping your faith, but it's nothing more than that.

Essentially, when a follower dies, players will be able to perform funerals for them, providing the cult with 20 faith. This can be fine for those who struggle with faith, however, there are many other ways players can increase their cult's faith, making it a little... well, underwhelming.

Players will need to pay 5 Camellias and 75 Bones to perform the Funeral and will be able to unlock it with Afterlife Doctrine II.


Building Glory is a pretty cool ritual to use, although it tends to fail late game. Essentially, players will be able to finish every building in progress with The Glory of Construction, which is best for players who go on long adventures and then spam a dozen buildings.

(Video) Cult of the Lamb tips and tricks that all players need to know about

While I can see a good use for this, especially in situations where you have a lot of resources to farm and don't want your followers to spend time building buildings, I can't say it really builds a lot late game due to most buildings they don't need to be repaired or rebuilt.

I really recommend the second option for this, though it depends on your preference.

The Glory of Construction is an option for players when they reach the third level of the Work and Worship crown and will cost a total of 75 Bones.


In my opinion, the Ritual of Enlightenment is one of the best Rituals as it will greatly help the player to generate more Devotion, which will be detrimental if players want to level up their Shrine skill tree.

While early stages of the skill tree are relatively easy to obtain, later stages will be quite difficult to acquire.

In my opinion, Ritual of Enlightenment is necessary as it will increase Devotion spawn speed by 20% for 3 days. This is a huge boost, however I recommend that players only perform this Ritual when they know they will be staying in their base for an extended period of time, as Sanctuary has a limit on how much Devotion it can hold beforehand. It's full.

I usually plan my days according to the Rituals that are available to me. For example, I'll go out whenever I have rituals that keep Faith, Hunger, and Work maxed out, and I'll focus on basic or side quests whenever anything has to do with devotion. Each player will have their preferred way of spending their days, so don't worry about being too meticulous to make sure you "don't waste time".

The Ritual of Enlightenment is unlocked during Work & Worship Doctrine II and will cost 75 Bones, which is very, very good compensation.

What are all and the best rituals | Cult of the Lamb - Basically Medium (3)


The Glory Through Toil Ritual is a very naughty little Ritual to complete with your Followers, but it will actually be a crowd favorite, especially as it will help ensure you get all the resources you need.

When players perform the Glory Through Work Ritual, they will force their followers to work for 3 days and nights without rest. This means followers won't waste time talking to each other and make sure they don't fall asleep. Fortunately for players, this doesn't tire out any of the followers and doesn't really have any penalties, so I recommend using it when you're about to go on long trips.

The Glory Through Toil Ritual will require players to unlock it using Work and Doctrine IV and will cost 75 Bones.


As great as the Holy Day Ritual is, I really don't think it's great unless you're really struggling with faith. It is true that with the Holy Day Ritual, players can prevent their entire Cult from collapsing, as it will grant you 80 Faith, being one of the only "oh shit" Rituals that can completely save your Cult from collapse.

Now, the biggest problem with the Holy Day Ritual is that none of your Followers will be working that day, so... be prepared to have no resources that day.

I would only recommend choosing this from Doctrine IV of Work and Worship if you are really struggling with the Faith, otherwise always choose the Glory Through Work Ritual. It's the best option.

If you choose to do the Holy Day Ritual, it will cost 75 Bones to perform.


The Ritual of Alms for the Poor is a very good Ritual and tends to be the best option for Doctrine of Possessions III, as mid-game players will have many ways to obtain Coins.

Essentially, it will be a quick way to get followers.gain loyaltyto you and will provide your Cult with 10 Faith.

Ultimately, getting more dedicated followers will be more difficult and more necessary, as a higher level follower will increase the amount of rewards the player receives. So if you have the cost of donating a few coins, go for it!

For me, the Sanctuary skill tree took the longest to work on, even when I was trying to minimize it as much as possible, so I'm sure other players will feel the same way.

(Video) The *BEST* Doctrines In Cult Of The Lamb!

The great thing about Alms of the Poor is that players will always have to pay 50 coins, so it doesn't matter if you have a lot of followers or not, although obviously the more the merrier.

I would run this Ritual whenever it's off cooldown, as it can help you a lot with your other resources.


Ritual of Enrichment is the exact opposite of Alms of the Poor and will be the alternate option for Doctrine of Possessions III.

For the cost of 125 bones, players will collect a certain amount of coins from each of their followers. Unlike Alms of the Poor, players only want to perform this ritual when they have a lot of followers, and they want to make sure that no followers are asleep or sick, as this will result in lost revenue.

This is great for players who don't have a lot of resources to sell, although it's the smaller of the two to choose from. At the very least late game I usually manage to earn a few hundred coins a day and that's a bad day so the Ritual of Enrichment isn't worth it.


While Ascend Follower isn't much of a Ritual, it can be useful for players who want to get rid of Followers who have negative buffs and are worried about resurrecting the wrong ones.

Essentially, promoting a follower will remove a follower, and with a new patch, players will be able to resurrect them as well. This is mutually exclusive with the Assassin Follower action, however I can't say I would use it regularly.

At least when you kill a follower it's not part of a ritual that requires a cooldown and you also get a good chunk of follower meat, but this is your preferred choice.

Players can unlock the Ascend Follower Ritual in Law & Order I Doctrine and it will cost 75 Bones to perform.

What are all and the best rituals | Cult of the Lamb - Basically Medium (4)


The Ritualistic Fight Pit will allow a player to choose two Followers to fight, though players can choose whether the loser lives or dies. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of this one, as there are no perks, which is why I tend to choose Marriage over Law & Order II. I will say that for narrative purposes this is pretty good.

The Fight Pit will require 75 bones to function.


Marriage is the best option in Law & Order II and will allow you to marry followers. Players will be able to stay with their spouses, which increases their loyalty, and while players can marry multiple followers, it will increase jealousy between older spouses.

I think marriage is a great way to build loyalty between you and your followers, but you'll have to micromanage them and their jealousy.

Each marriage will cost 75 bones, and while there are some downsides to marrying multiple followers, players shouldn't be too afraid to do so.


The Loyalty Enforcer will assign a Follower to roam and patrol the Cult toincrease the loyalty of all other followers. This tends to be a great Ritual as it will help the player progress in their Sanctuary Skill Tree.

The Sanctuary skill tree is the most important skill tree to upgrade if you want to focus on the base, as it will allow you to place different types of buildings in your base, although it can also help with your dungeon crawl runs, so get started. working on it!

The Loyalty Enforcer is one of two choices players can make during Law & Order IV Doctrine and is the better choice in my opinion.

It will cost 75 Bones to activate this Ritual.


The Tax Enforcer is similar to the Loyalty Enforcer, although it provides players with coins instead of loyalty. As I mentioned before, coins aren't really an issue mid-game, and frankly their use gets more and more limited, so I prefer my fans' loyalty.

(Video) Cult of the Lamb - Wish I Knew Sooner | Tips, Tricks, & Game Knowledge for New Players

With Tax Enforcer, players will also have to spend 75 Bones.


The Fast Ritual is a great Ritual to perform while you are using other Rituals that increase Faith to maximum for a few days, as it will allow players to leave their base for 3 days without their Followers going hungry.

Unfortunately, this will annoy your followers, so you'll have to mention your faith, but it's very useful for players who want to spend a lot of time fighting.

I actually opted out of using Quick on my main save, though I wish I had now because I really want to see how far I can go in the endless fight without having to go home to feed my followers.

Players will be able to make this choice during Sustain I and it will cost 75 Bones.

What are all and the best rituals | Cult of the Lamb - Basically Medium (5)


The Feast Ritual is a very cute ritual that will bring your community together for a meal that will fully nourish them. Even though the food is so easy to make, it's honestly so sweet to see all your fans come together.

Realistically, the alternative is better if you're good at keeping your Faith high, but the choice is still yours.

The Feast Ritual will net you 25 Faith and I tend to use it on days when mistakes are made or when my followers are really hungry and I don't have the patience to do skill checks.

The feast ritual costs 75 bones.


The Ritual for the Harvest is by far the least impressive Ritual for me, especially since it comes to you in Sustenance III, which takes a bit of time to arrive.

It is true that I don't think it takes long for the crops to grow and when I return from the missions the crops have already grown and are ready to harvest.

I understand that Ritual for the Harvest is good for players who don't have huge farms, but you can place as many farms as you like without penalty.

Ah, what does this Ritual do? Leaves all seeds immediately ready for harvest.

it will only cost 75 Bones.


Admittedly, I think the Ritual of the Ocean's Bounty is a much better Ritual to choose from, as it will allow you to catch twice as many fish and increase the chance of Special Fish for 2 days. This is the alternative option to Sustenance II, and I recommend you take it.

Fishing isn't something you always have to do, but it's important that you do it for your quests.

I also tend to use fish for follower meals as they tend to be better, but feeding your followers grass is still worth it if you use the Doctrine that removes debuffs.

However, I recommend Ritual of the Ocean's Bounty and base your tasks whenever it's on cooldown.

Ritual of the Ocean's Bounty also costs 75 Bones.

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