Top golf shot tracking apps and devices for more power (2023)

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Top golf shot tracking apps and devices for more power (1)

There was a time not too long ago when we marked our scorecard with hits on fairways and greens and noted when we missed our targets left or right, long or short. We tracked the number of putts and worked on our deficits between rounds of golf.

Today, wave tracking apps and devices do the work for us. They also help us on the course with GPS data showing preferred distances, areas to avoid and even green outlines so we can sink more putts.

Technology has changed the game of golf in several ways. Golf tracking apps and devices help us all become better golfers. It's like having a trusted caddy on hand. Check out our recommendations for the best apps and devices on the market below.

The 8 best golf shot tracking apps and devices

Bestes Setup:
Best for green reading: GolfLogix game improvement app
Best Social App: Fairgame-Golf
Best handheld: Shotscope H4 GPS
Best all-round experience:Game Golf Smart Caddy
Best for watch wearers: Shot Scope V3 GPA-Uhr
Best Garmin Watch: Garmin Approach S62 GPS watch
Best suited for club grounds: Arccos caddy slim sensor

How we selected the best apps and devices

To create a shortlist of the best apps and devices, we examined manufacturer specs, including cost, app compatibility, and more. We then trawled through detailed product descriptions, ratings, and reviews to find the best golf shot tracking apps and devices in each category.

Bestes Setup: Blast Golf Swing & Stroke Analyzer

All of our market tips are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you purchase a linked product,GOLF.COMcan receive compensation. Prices may vary.

Top golf shot tracking apps and devices for more power (2)

Bestes Setup: Blast Golf Swing & Stroke Analyzer

179,95 $

buy now

- Simple step-by-step installation
— Delivers valuable data from tee to green
— For golfers of all skill levels

— The amount of data can be overwhelming and confusing for beginners

The Blast Golf Swing & Stroke Analyzer installs easily and step by step onto the back of any golf club and takes just 90 seconds from start to finish. It provides actionable shot data from tee to green, including putting, for golfers of all skill levels.

There is also an air swing mode that analyzes the swing without hitting a ball and a slow motion video recording mode that allows detailed analysis of every aspect of your golf swing via the compatible app.

The Blast Golf Swing & Stroke Analyzer measures several metrics that are detailed on the Blast Golf website. Statistics measured include putting, short game, bunker play, and full swing. The intelligent video recording feature creates videos and tracks statistics over time to identify trends in your swing. The in-app training centers offer tips and exercises from experienced trainers who understand thisproblems in your swing.

Features:Compatible with iOS and Android, 90 seconds setup time

Best for Eco-Friendly Reading: GolfLogix Game Improvement App

Top golf shot tracking apps and devices for more power (3)

Best for Eco-Friendly Reading: GolfLogix Game Improvement App

Free (in-app purchases)

buy now

- Outstanding golf app experience
— Helps you play smarter and reduce the number of shots from tee to green
— Tracks shots and recommends clubs based on trend shot distances

— The golfer must enter data to be recorded and analyzed

The GolfLogix Game Improvement App tracks stats, shot data and trends in your game. It also provides route information such as GPS, 3D flypasts, detailed green contours and even available tee times. Use it during your lap to assess safe spots on the course and which areas to avoid.

Enter your shot information during the game or afterwards when you handwrite it on a scorecard. Based on where you hit each of your shots, you'll learn your tendencies and create a productive and effective practice plan. To comply, use the special tournament modeUSGA Rulesand rules for your next big game.

Features:Apple Watch compatibility, iOS and Android compatibility, tournament mode for USGA compliance during games

Best Social App: Fairgame Golf

Top golf shot tracking apps and devices for more power (4)

Best Social App: Fairgame Golf


buy now

- All in one golf app experience
— Social Platform
- Tracks different game forms

- No teaching app

The Fairgame app is a social platform aimed at golfers who want to play against other golfers in various game formats and stay in touch with golfers they have previously met through the app. Set up a round for a later time and invite others to join you, or play a round without advanced settings and record your results to determine a more accurate handicap.

Use the app's handicap function to play fairly against other golfers and distribute the correct scores in the group. Keep track of the score, your fairways, greens, putts and all bets on the round.

Features:Social platform that connects golfers and plays together

Bestes Handheld: Shot Scope H4 GPS

Top golf shot tracking apps and devices for more power (5)

Bestes Handheld: Shot Scope H4 GPS

149,99 $

buy now

— Handy handy format
— Measure the distances to the front, middle and back of the green
- Measures over 100 stats including shots won

— Requires manual data syncing with the app after the game

The Shot Scope H4 GPS is a handy handheld GPS device that measures over 100 useful stats including shots won. The GPS provides distances to the front, center and back of the green so you can plan each shot. You can also use the GPS feature to isolate hazards and hurdles across the 36,000+ golf courses in the Shot Scope library.

The battery life is 15 hours and you don't have to turn on your phone when playing games. Track stats on your drives, approach shots, short games and putts to give more focus to your between-round training sessions. Share updates on your good laps with friends on social media directly from the Shot Scope H4 GPS device.

Features:No Subscription Required, Free Updates, Clips onto your belt, pocket or golf bag

Best experience of the round: Game Golf Smart Caddy

— Considers the current weather and altitude in its calculations and recommendations
- Provides real and game-like distances
— Data-driven recommendations based on previously played rounds

- No stats tracker

The Game Golf Smart Caddy is the perfect companion for every round of golf, whether you're playing a new course for the third time this week or teeing off at your home course. It provides GPS distances to various points on each hole to help you navigate the hazards and give you peace of mind knowing when to ditch and get onto the green.

Given the current weather conditions and elevation changes, the Game Golf Smart Caddy will provide the most accurate calculations and recommendations with every interaction.

In addition, actual distances as well as playful distances are displayed so that you can focus on your goal and the task at hand. These automatically generated recommendations are based on data derived from previous rounds of golf.

Features:App available for iOS and Android

Best suited for watch wearers: the GPS watch Shot Scope V3

Top golf shot tracking apps and devices for more power (7)

Best suited for watch wearers: the GPS watch Shot Scope V3

219,99 $

buy now

— The GPS function helps you navigate the route
— Provides distances to three areas of the green, penalty areas and hazard
— More than 100 statistics are analyzed based on the number of rounds

— The 10-hour battery life may not last for two laps

The Shot Scope V3 GPS watch offers GPS features to help you navigate the golf course. Comfortably attached to the wrist, it provides distances to the front, center and back of the green, as well as the front and back of penalty areas and hazard. This device collects over 100 readings that golfers can analyze to isolate their deficits, making training sessions more targeted and effective.

Das Shotscope V3GPS watchcomes with 36,000 preloaded golf courses, so you can navigate almost any layout you want. It even comes in four eye-catching colors and can be worn as an everyday watch when you're not playing golf.

Features:Four color options, 36,000 preloaded panels, sizes in yards or meters

Best Garmin Watch: Garmin Approach S62 GPS Watch

Top golf shot tracking apps and devices for more power (8)

Best Garmin Watch: Garmin Approach S62 GPS Watch

499,99 $

buy now

— GPS data shows you where to strike
— 20 hours of battery life in GPS mode
— Readable screen, even in bright sunlight

- Expensive device compared to other golf swing trackers and GPS devices

The Garmin Approach S62 GPS watch is a premium GPS and shot tracking device. Conveniently attaches to your wrist, no more shoving it in your pockets, rummaging in your bag, or clipping it to your belt. With a 20-hour battery life, you can golf a full day, even if that's 36 holes or more, knowing your caddy will be by your side the whole time.

The Greenview feature sets the putting surface for you so you can take full advantage of the flat club. Playable distances account for elevation changes so you know which club to choose to get your pin high. You can wear this device as an everyday watch even if golf is not on your agenda that day.

Features:Two color options, 41,000 preloaded lanes, on or off lane

Best suited for club grounds: Arccos Caddy Smart Sensor

Top golf shot tracking apps and devices for more power (9)

Best suited for club grounds: Arccos Caddy Smart Sensor

179,99 $

buy now

— Comes with a sensor for each club
- Battery that lasts a long time
— Shot tracking helps diagnose imperfections in your golf game

— Shots occasionally fail to register (requires manual input)

The Arccos Caddy Smart Sensor tracks every shot you make on the course, providing data and shot tracking information that shows the golfer where they are falling short (from the tee,approach shotsetc.) and whether they are regularly short or long, left or right. The golfer can use this information and work on their game to solve these problems.

As rounds progress, your Arccos Caddy will generate your supply of yards and help you understand where you are strong and need help in your game. It learns your game and makes shot recommendations the more you play.

Features:Available for iOS and Android devices

Understand golf shot tracking apps and devices

Golf shot tracking apps and devices come in all shapes and sizes and at different price points. Some are simple and offer GPS service on the course, while others record data on every shot you make and provide information about your inclines to help you improve. Some even guarantee wave amplification.

Some golfers prefer to play the game with minimal technology on the course, but it's hard to argue about the merits and benefits of these tools. Knowing where you're playing on the course, how far you're hitting each club, and where you're likely to hit based on your tendencies has become an important part of many golfers looking to improve and play a high-tech round of golf.

How to choose the right apps and devices for you

Because we have a wide range of prices on our list, it's important to know your budget and narrow the field from the start. Next, consider what you're looking for: GPS, shot tracking, etc. Also, consider whether you want it on your phone, on your pocket, on your belt, or on your wrist.


Golf shot tracking apps and devices can get expensive. Calculate your budget and narrow down your options. It could be a free app or a $500 watch - what are you looking for in that category?

Easy to use

Most of the devices we've highlighted offer simple instructions on how to set them up and get right into the game. After all, the last thing you want is to fiddle with your watch or phone when it's your turn.


Golf shot tracking devices come in the form of watches and wearables that clip to your pocket or belt. You can download apps to your phone, but want to use your phone during the round? If you choose the phone route, you'll find an app that will record the round and let you do what you need to do at the end of the game.


What is the best golf shot tracking app?

You can't go wrong with this list. Blast Golf, Arccos, and GameGolf do an excellent job of providing general swing data. The Fairgame app is a social platform aimed at golfers looking for other golfers to join their groups and does a great job of gathering data. It's not an educational app, but it encourages round and game improvement with extra play and fun.

Which golf app offers free shot tracking?

The GolfLogix app allows you to enter shot data such as fairways and greens hit within the rules and whether you missed left or right.

What is the best golf swing tracker app for Apple Watch?

The GolfLogix app is compatible with the Apple Watch, so you can safely stash your phone in your golf bag and enjoy the convenience of having the data you need right on your wrist.

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