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VonMitsubishiThe L200 is one of our favorite pickups on the market right now. Launched in 2019, the 6 Series version of this versatile pick-up is a heavily revised version of the previous model. Dubbed the Mitsubishi Triton in some markets, the L200 has a number of strong competitors in the pickup space, including theToyota Hilux,Nissan NavaraInVolkswagen Amarok, as well as the bestseller - and our favorite in the class - theFord Ranger. VonIsuzu D-MaxInSsangyong Mussoare also worth considering.

Prices for the Mitsubishi L200 start at around £22,000, giving you a work-oriented club cab model. For the true pick-up SUV experience, spend around £8,000 extra on a double-cab model in the Barbarian trim - it's the trim level that transforms the L200 from a workhorse into an everyday vehicle. Of course, these prices do not include VAT at 20%, since the L200, like its pick-up competition with a payload of one ton, is classified as a commercial vehicle. This rating is also why they exist, as it means they enjoy significant tax advantages when used as a private car compared to similarly equipped and priced SUVs.

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The L200 range includes the 4Life, Trojan, Warrior, Barbarian and Barbarian X models. The 4Life is the utility model and thus the only one also available in Club Cab and Double Cab body styles, while the rest of the range is only available as a four-door double Cab is offered. Also available is the limited edition L200 Challenger, a value-driven, high-spec model based on the Series 5 L200 that sits between the Warrior and Barbarian versions.


Standard equipment on these double-cab models is pretty impressive: all versions of the Warrior and up have seven airbags, traction control and trailer stability assist, LED lights, air conditioning, alloy wheels, privacy glass, a DAB radio, leather steering wheel, Lane Departure Warning and Mitsubishi's Super Select 4WD system.

Further down the line you get keyless entry, leather seats with heated front seats, automatic lights and windshield wipers, a reversing camera and dual-zone climate control.

Of course, since the L200 is primarily a work vehicle, there are MPG and parts costs to consider. Under WLTP rules, the L200's consumption is up to 32.8mpg for manual versions, while consumption drops to 29.1mpg for automatic trucks. In reality, users can expect around 30mpg fuel economy for daily driving, while a 75-gallon fuel tank means expect around 500 miles of range between fill-ups. The Series 6 version of the truck has a huge AdBlue tank to reduce exhaust emissions, and Mitsubishi says it needs topping up about every 12,000 miles. Mitsubishi's five-year warranty applies to the L200. Although this only covers the truck for 100,000 kilometers, it corresponds to the maintenance intervals of the L200 of 19,500 kilometers.

One engine is available for the L200: a 2.3-liter four-cylinder diesel with a power of 148 hp. Both the manual and the automatic gearbox have six gears. The motor itself isn't as powerful as most of the competition, but the 400Nm of torque is readily available and consistent compared to some competing models. The limited Challenger model features the previous 2.4 liter diesel engine with 178 hp and 430 Nm of torque.


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Like all pickups, the L200 can haul a payload of over 1 tonne (this is required to claim the business pickup tax break) and there's a maximum towing capacity of 3,500kg - albeit only with a three- axle trailer. With one or two axles attached, Mitsubishi specifies a maximum weight of three tons.

MPG, CO2 and running costs

The Mitsubishi L200 will feature an advanced common rail turbo diesel engine with MIVEC variable valve timing, an aluminum cylinder block and a host of other weight-saving design features. It is a remarkable high-tech device that you can put into a devicePick-upand it delivers solid, unspectacular fuel economy.

According to WLTP tests, the L200 4Life versions have a claimed fuel economy of 32.8mpg. When you get a step ahead of the car, combined cycle performance drops to 29.1mpg, which is about on par with rivals like thatNissan NavaraIn real-world testing, we got 31.4mpg out of the engine. CO2 emissions range from 198 g/km for the 4Life to 206 g/km for the passenger car models.

A 75 liter fuel tank is not as big as in a VW Amarok orFord Ranger(both have 80-litre tanks) but the L200's fuel economy means long trips between pumps.

The L200 is built tough with minimal repair and maintenance costs. To underline the trust in his product,Mitsubishioffers a 5-year/62,000-mile warranty with 12-year anti-corrosion coverage. However, service intervals are often set at 20,500 km or 12 months, whichever comes first.

Mitsubishi's £750 three-year service contract isn't as economical as the four-year plan Volkswagen offers for the Amarok, while the L200's 19,500-mile intervals are more common than the Ford Ranger, which can clock up 20,000 miles between services. . However, Ford's maintenance contract is more expensive at £850 for three years of routine maintenance.

cargo space and functionality

The overall dimensions of the L200 are slightly more compact than many of its main competitors, particularly in width, and the Series 6 shrinks slightly from the Series 5. However, it's one of the most practical pickups out there.

(Video) 2023 Mitsubishi Triton/L200 (inc. 0-100) on/off-road review: Should you save your cash and buy this?

The crew cab truck is 5,225 mm long and 1,815 mm wide, making it 134 mm narrower than a crew cab truck.Volkswagen Amarokand 45mm narrower than aIsuzu D-Max. Still, it doesn't really reveal anything in terms of capacity. TheToyota Hiluxis a bit more practical.

The open cargo area at the rear of the popular L200 double cab is 1,470 mm square and 475 mm deep. There are six cargo attachment points and grooves are cut into the cargo floor so it can be split to separate cargo. Higher-spec models feature a step cut into the rear bumper and a new tailgate mechanism designed to prevent the door from falling when it's unlocked, a hazard common to other models.recallmodels. The Barbarian derivatives also feature a soft-opening tailgate with a gas strut that makes it easier to lower the door instead of popping it open.


Maximum payload is 1,080 kg for the 4Life Club Cab, 1,045 kg for the manual double cab models and up to 1,075 kg for the automatic versions. Most importantly, the magic 1,000kg mark has been surpassed, allowing pickups to benefit from lower commercial vehicle tax rates. Owners who need to move more can hitch a braked trailer weighing up to 3,500 grams, but only with a three-axle trailer. The unbraked towing capacity is a commendable 750 kg.

Mitsubishi offers a variety of tonneau covers to suit most needs. There are hinged hard covers that open via gas struts and the ubiquitous roll-top cover, both of which can be specified for trucks with or without a roll bar. Truck roofs can create a lot of cargo space, but often make it difficult to see to the rear. So it's handy that most L200s come with a reversing camera as standard.

reliability and safety

Although Mitsubishi has tried to give the latest SUV L200 an attractive look, it is still primarily designed for robustness. The Series 5 deserves four starsEuroNCAPSafety rating in 2015, and since the Series 6 shares so much in common with this model, it means the L200 offers at least as much occupant protection as its competitors in the event of a crash. The latest version failed the Euro NCAP test, but the level of standard safety and assistance features has been increased with the introduction of automatic emergency braking.

Standard safety equipment across the rest of the range is adequate for the pick-up class, with the L200 offering many of the advanced active safety features we've come to expect from passenger cars but haven't quite made it into the pick-up world yet experienced.

The stability and traction control system can brake individual wheels to correct understeer and oversteer while directing power to the wheels with the most traction. There are seven airbags, an adjustable speed limiter and Trailer Stability Assist, an extension of the stability control system that adjusts its responses when a trailer is attached. Lane Departure Warning is stock on the Warrior, which trims up (although it's on by default every time the truck is started and is a little too sensitive to road markings so the beeps can get annoying) and mounted on the Barbarian Hill Descent Control. standard truck If you choose a Barbarian XL200, the "Safety Pack" is included as standard. It features a blind spot alert, rear cross traffic alert, automatic high beam, angle sensor and 360-degree camera.

driving and performance

The 6 Series L200 evolves into a 2.3-litre four-cylinder diesel engine with AdBlue, but the fundamentals of the drive feel remain largely the same. Given the truck's intended use and weight, this means acceptable levels of refinement and fuel economy, but buyers now need to watch out for AdBlue levels - the new engine uses it to reduce exhaust emissions. Power is 148 hp and 400 Nm of torque, allowing for 0-100 km/h acceleration in 12.4 seconds and a top speed of 178 km/h.

(Video) 2023 Mitsubishi L200 V Double Cab - Reliable Pickup for Everyday Tasks

Base models feature the Easy Select part-time 4x4 setup that can be manually engaged when needed and has a rear locking differential. Warrior's higher-spec L200s get the Shogun SUV's Super Select active 4x4 system. For road driving, the car can be set to rear-wheel or all-wheel drive, with 4x4 mode automatically sending power to the wheels with the most grip. The system provides a 60:40 rear torque split during normal driving to reduce understeer on the road. Then there are two off-road modes with a locked center differential and a high or low gear for really rough terrain.


The L200 has true off-road capability, but for most buyers, on-road performance is more important. Compared to the other options in the pick-up sector, the Mitsubishi is competent enough on tarmac, with the latest version bravely fighting the choppy ride and sloppy handling common to models in this market. However, trucks are like thatVW AmarokInFord Rangerremains a better deal for the road.

The L200 can still falter on bumpy surfaces and large craters make the interior cringe, but on good roads the handling is comfortable enough. The running culture is also strong: the engine rumbles when starting, but decreases as it warms up. There's still a loud growl under the throttle, but it suits the L200's character. You don't want your pickup truck whispering like a luxury sedan. At 120 km/h on the motorway, the engine revs around 1,500 rpm and the engine is barely audible, although there is quite a bit of road noise.

The steering has gained significant weight, but is slow and requires a lot of steering and arm work. Shifting with the six-speed manual isn't too convincing, but the new six-speed automatic also on offer works well and suits the relaxed driving style that suits the L200 best. The paddles behind the steering wheel are also nice and big.

cabin and interior

The cabin of the L200 is spacious and robust, but the design hardly changes from its predecessor. Some of the small switchgear is dated and the quality of the plastic wouldn't go down well with car manufacturers, but the materials are adequate for the pickup market and include some nice touches. The uncluttered Super Select 4x4 control knob sits behind the shifter and there's an uncluttered instrument panel with a display that shows what drive mode you're in. Higher-spec models have a large touchscreen in the center of the dashboard, but it looks a little too much like an aftermarket addition. It's dark, fuzzy, and features nondescript menus and navigation, howeverApple CarPlayInAndroid Autoare supported. It is standard on Warrior vehicles.


The passenger compartment is decent, with plenty of headroom and room for a 1.80m adult to sit comfortably behind a driver of a similar height, but the low seats mean he has to raise his knees a bit. Storage space is limited to a box between the front seats, a few slim door pockets and a glove box that fits the manual, but little else.

As you level up, higher tier cars get different trim levels. In reality, the Warrior model is comfortable and well-appointed, while Barbarian trucks enhance the atmosphere with heated leather seats and illuminated door sills, mood lighting, and interior lighting. Technology is enhanced with two more USB ports for rear passengers, while comfort in the Barbarian is all relatively luxurious.

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    Club Cab DI-D 150 4Life 4WD

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    Club Cab DI-D 150 4Life 4WD

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    25.704 £

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