How much does the average student spend on travel? (2023)

It is estimated that, on average, a university student spendsbetween $1,050 and $1,800 in shippingcosts In addition, it has been recommended that university studentsplan to spend at least $1,000per year in travel and transportation. (This obviously does not include studyingabroadsince these expenses are a completely different budget category). With those numbers in mind, it's easy to think that travel expenses aren't something to worry about if you're a student. In fact, this is not the case. It is important to note that travel and transportation are technicallytwo different budget itemsconsider whenbudgetFaculty.

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Transportit's something to consider while you're on campus living the college student life. This would include things like public transport passes and costs. It would also include the costs of having a car on campus, including parking fees, gas for your vehicle, and any regular maintenance your vehicle may need while you are at school. Also, it's important to consider these costs in relation to your lifestyle.

For example, if you commute to and from school from your home or job off-campus, or if your school's campus is so large that you need to commute to different buildings by car or public transport, these are costs to consider. accordingly. . As you're getting used to the transition into college life or even a new semester, you'll start to get a better idea of ​​the real costs. However, it's crucial to think ahead of time how your budget will be affected by this.


Trip, in this particular article, pertains to how to budget for trips home and vacations (think spring break). This is a significantly higher expense than the gas prices and basic transportation costs you are considering while in college. The thing to remember here is that travel expenses for college students aren't as easy to calculate as, say, your textbooks or your tuition at a particular university. Traveling will be as individual as you are.

For example, students who can hop on a train or car and be home in a few hours will incur significantly less travel expenses than someone who lives in Florida and attends school in Seattle. The cost of these trips will be a big part of the college budget, especially if you plan to be home more often than the school holidays.


How can I budget for travel then?

In general, most colleges and universities plan tobreaks for each seasonand it usually ends up being about four intervals that make up several days. Students can take a look at their potential school's academic calendar to get an idea of ​​what and when these breaks will be. By checking this information in advance, you will at least have an idea of ​​how many times you might want and plan to return home. If you're thinking you can only go home on a break or two, you can save a lot in that budget category.

It is important to have at least some ideahow often do you go home for a visit. In any case, knowing in advance what the plan will be, you will be able to roughly estimate what theround trip costit will be regardless of whether you are flying, driving, taking a train or a bus.

To checkEdit student budget templateto get to the line items you need for your new budget!

Regardless of how often you plan to come home to visit, or whether you're taking long weekends to visit friends at other colleges or look for spring break deals, there are several things to consider to keep costs down and budget. in consequence

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  • Plan your flights in time. Whether you're visiting home for the holidays or sunbathing on a spring break retreat, it's importantbook flights at least eight weeks before your scheduled departure date. Waiting until the last minute because you're hoping to land an awesome flight deal isn't the best way to budget for a college student.

  • Flexible and frugal sea.In addition to booking your flight a few months in advance, trybe a flexible traveler. Ideally, you might not want a layover or prefer an early morning flight, but you can save a significant amount of money by bringing a good book and a snack and planning your layover. Be adaptable in terms of flight schedules to ensure the best price.

  • Use the buddy system.Another way to save on traveling home for the holidays, weekends or special occasions isshare the carwith someone who lives down the road or near you. You can split the fuel costs, download some amazing music, and call it a road trip while bonding with a new friend. Either way, hitchhiking helps in terms of savings, and the Earth will thank you for reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Relay wisely.When considering traveling on vacation while in college, take the time to plan ahead. If you are going to use a travel agent, you can save some money onpackage dealsyou didn't even know it existed. If you want to be your own travel agent, consider taking the time to research and carefully plan your vacation. consider smallerairbnbrentals instead of four- or five-star resort hotels during peak season.split the costswith a group of friends and bring that old camping air mattress so more of you can sleep for less (as long as you play by the rules and respect the maximum number of guests policies, of course). bring snacks andplans to cookfor some nights i'm out or doing researchgroup offersfor cheap group meals in advance. enjoy yourstudent discountif you plan to frequent tourist places. These are all ways you can escape college and relax on vacation while keeping your wallet from shrinking.

  • Keep your vehicle in top condition. If most of your travel is in personal transport,consider vehicle costs for travelingas part of your travel budget. This can include any regular maintenance you may need, including tune-ups, oil changes, tire replacement, etc. Also, consider the total cost of fuel and tolls for regular trips. Taking these costs into account in advance will help you avoid some stress and an unexpected financial crisis down the road.

Remember that a travel budget will be different from a transportation budget. Planning your travel budget well will help you focus on more important things and be more aware of your moments... like enjoying a well-planned and well-deserved vacation or spending quality time with family and friends while on vacation. vacation. .

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