How big is a 3/8 carat diamond? (2023)

With a 3-carat center stone, a 3.80-carat diamond will appear 10% larger than with a3 quilates center stone. Whether you're looking to buy a solitaire or diamond center ring, the size will be a matter of personal preference. Always keep in mind that the size of the diamond will be proportional to the size of the rest of the ring. The larger the diamond, the larger the ring will appear on the finger.

Whilecarat weightis an essential factor in determining the size of a diamond, other factors influence its value. The inclusions in a diamond are responsible for determining itsclarity. Inclusions are natural particles that become trapped inside a diamond when the diamond is subjected to extreme pressure. They can be visible, like a small black dot in the center of a diamond, but they are not always so obvious. However, these inclusions add value to the diamond and influence its price.

How big is a 3/8 carat diamond? (1)

How big is a 3/8 carat diamond?

The fact that a three-quarter carat diamond has a very desirable weight for diamond jewelry and is ideal for making diamondsjewelrymay surprise you. Before you get too nervous, it's important to remember that the diamond itself will only represent a small part of the total cost of the piece. The jewelry designer and the materials used to complement the stone will impact the final cost.

Depending on your budget, you can buy a diamond with a total weight of 3/8 of a carat. It is essential to understand that diamonds come in a wide range of sizes. The price of a 3/8 carat diamond, depending on its clarity and color, is likely to range from$ 19.000 e $ 95.000, while the price of a3/4 carat diamondwill be around $3350. Knowing the size of a 3/8 carat diamond can save you a significant amount of money.

The weight of a diamond in carats

The carat weight of a diamond measures the apparent size of the diamond. Carat weight is a unit of measurement of how much a diamond weighs. One metric “carat” is equal to 200 milligrams in weight.

Each carat is subdivided into 100 'points', with each point representing one carat. This allows accurate measurements down to the hundredth decimal place. A jeweler may just use the "points" of a diamond to describe the weight of a diamond less than one carat. for example, one0.25 carat diamondIt may be referred to as a 'twenty five hand' by a jeweler referring to it. Diamond weights greater than one carat are expressed in terms of carats and decimals, respectively. A stone weighing 1.08 carats would be called a "one point eight carat stone".

All else being equal, the price of a diamond increases with carat weight because larger diamonds are rarer and therefore more expensive.of value. While two diamonds of the same carat weight can have significantly different values ​​(and prices), three other diamond characteristics (the 4Cs) can make a significant difference: clarity, color, and cut.

It is essential to remember that the value of a diamond is determined considering all the4C, not just carat weight.

Whenever you're considering buying a jewelry box, we want to make sure you're making the most informed decision possible. One thing you should know about your diamond's carat weight is its size. Each one has a way of extracting the best of its natural beauty. Our diamonds are priced within a range of carats listed on the website to provide you with the best selection and price.

Fraction Unit of measure Decimal

3/8 carats .37 – .44

Before purchasing a wedding band, you should be aware of the term CTTW, which stands for total carat weight.

The four C's: cut,cor, clarity andcarat- are your best friends on your quest for the perfect diamond engagement ring. They will guide you through the process. It would help if you took some time to consider your priorities and which of the C's should get VIP treatment in your spending plan. Starting with carats is a great place to start, but it's essential to understand that it can be a complicated calculation process. It would help if you familiarized yourself with the CTTW because it will determine the effect of the ring you choose.

3/8 carat round diamond solitaire ring in 14k white gold


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What is CTTW and how does it differ from Carat in terms of value?

It is important to remember that the carat is a measure of weight, not a measure of size. CTTW is an abbreviation for carats (CT) and total weight (TW) (TW). When there are multiple diamonds in a piece of jewelry, the total diamond weight is calculated as the sum of all diamonds.

What you need to know about CTTW is the following:

Yes, it only applies to diamonds.

Diamond weights in a ring are CTTW (total diamond weight in carats). Even if you are considering aSapphireydiamond engagement ring, CTTW will not consider sapphires because they are too expensive. It is important to note that the CTTW is still used by companies that use lab-grown diamonds, indicating that it is not always a measure for natural diamonds only.

CTTW does not provide much pricing information.

Two rings can have identical CTTW numbers, but their prices can be drastically different from each other. It depends on how much of the CTTW is derived from the center stone and how much is derived from the accents. By way of illustration: a ring with six small stones and a one-carat center stone can be significantly less expensive than a ring with a one-carat diamond in the center and two larger accent stones. Note that diamonds are valued exponentially and not linearly. As the larger stones are harder to find, they carry a higher price.

The combined total weight of both earrings is CTTW.

If purchasing earrings, divide the total weight of the earrings by two to determine the size of the stone(s) in each earring.

What does the term “3/8 carats” refer to?

A total of 37 points

3/8 carats = 37 points minus 46 points = 3/8 carats 1/2 carats = 47 points minus 56 points = 56 points 5/8 carats = 57 points – 68 points = 5/8 carats = 57 points – 68 points 7 /8 carats = 69 points minus 81 points. 8 carats equals 82 points, 94 points in a diamond.

What diamond quality is the most desirable?

FL, or Flawless, is the highest clarity grade available for a diamond. Even when viewed under 10x magnification, the Gemological Institute of America only designates a diamond as flawless if it contains no inclusions or blemishes that an expert grader can detect.

Which diamond cut looks the most impressive?

Hemarquise, pear, oval andEsmeraldadiamonds are the four shapes that appear to be the largest in terms of carat weight (in the order in which they appear to be the largest). In these shapes, oval diamonds are a popular choice among those who want a classic style engagement ring and want to ensure that the center diamond of their engagement ring is the most important part of the ring.

Is it better to have a larger diamond or a higher quality diamond?

In short, if you prefer a larger diamond, it's true that size does matter. It would help if you were looking for the largest carat size (aka diamond weight) available in your price range. The highest quality diamond available within its price range should be considered for those who value exceptional brilliance above all else.


The carat weight of a diamond is not proportional to itssize. Due to differences in cut and depth, it may vary greatly. From above, two one-carat diamonds planted next to each other will look different, while two diamonds of the same weight will look similar. Look at the diamond's dimensions (length, width and depth) and the shape of your belt to find the best diamond for your budget. When purchasing a diamond, it is essential to consider carat weight. One carat equals 200 milligrams in diamond terms, which is a very rough estimate. It can also vary in cut, so it's essential to go to an expert to determine the exact weight of a diamond. A diamond expert can also tell you how much the stone is worth. A diamond specialist can provide you with a free diamond appraisal so you can make an informed buying decision.


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