Herpes in facial treatment: how to cure facial herpes permanently? (2023)

If you are interested in oneHerpes treatment on the faceTo help eliminate the virus and prevent outbreaks, you're in luck because this article has the information you've been looking for.

Herpes on the face is very contagious and uncomfortable. It can affect the nose, cheeks, eyes, and lips.

In this article you will learn more about herpes on the face, its symptoms, its causes, the ways of transmission and the information that may interest you the most: different treatments and in particular theTreatment that eliminates the virusthat causes the disease.

I'll talk about one tooNatural anti-herpes productwhich prevents outbreaks.

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herpes not face []

We all take care of oursFace[1]to be agreeable to others, as it is the part of the body on which the appearance of the face is formed, the seal of our identity.

Anatomically, the face is a delicate region because it contains thirty pairs of muscles and four of the five sensory organs: eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

We are not mistaken when we say that the five sense organs are in the face, because the sense of touch is also present in all parts and sometimes very sharp.

The movement of the soft tissues of the face allows us to express our emotions through facial expressions.

We are constantly striving to keep our face looking pleasing as it is the part of the body that is exposed to others.

Any condition that affects our facial appearance is a health issue that we should prioritize.

Herpes is one of the diseases that affect the face the most; In addition to deteriorating our facial appearance, it causes emotional affects due to the social component of the disease, and although herpetic lesions do not usually cause scarring, they can be infected by bacteria and leave a visually unsightly mark on the face.

Facial herpes, also known as facial herpes, is not actually a skin disease but a condition caused by a virus that lodges in our bodies and can remain there for life, leading to recurrences of the disease.

The most commonly affected parts of the face are the lips, chin, cheeks, nose and eyes. In these cases we speak respectively of cold sores, herpes on the chin, herpes on the cheeks, herpes on the nose and herpes on the eyes.

Although the eyes are on the face, this article will not go into herpes in the eyes as it is a specific topic. If you are interested in this topic, you can read the article dedicated exclusively to thisTreatment of herpes simplex keratitis.

Herpes in facial treatment: how to cure facial herpes permanently? (1)

Pictures of herpes on the face.

Signs and Symptoms of Herpes on Face []

Although the signs and symptoms of facial herpes vary from person to person, they usually begin with a tingling sensation, followed by burning, pain, redness, and swelling of the skin in an area of ​​the face. In addition to these symptoms, fever and swollen lymph nodes in the neck may occur.

After these signs and symptoms you will see some blisters which after a few days burst open into sores covered by a scab that dries and falls off. Eventually, the skin returns to its original state.

That means herpes on the face is a six-stage disease that begins with the first signs and ends with the healing stage.

The initial stages of the disease up to the appearance of the sores are called herpes outbreaks.

Herpes in facial treatment: how to cure facial herpes permanently? (2)

Fases do herpes facial.

How long does facial herpes last?

The duration of this disease is determined by the time from the beginning of the first phase to the end of the last phase, which varies between two and three weeks for the initial infection, i.e. the first occurrence.

Herpes does not cause face []

Many people do not know what causes herpes on the face and wonder why cold sores appear on the face. The answer is that this disease is caused by a virus.

More than 100 species of the herpesvirus family are known, but fortunately only eight of them infect humans. Herpes on the face is most commonly caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and to a lesser extent herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2), both of which belong to the alpha subfamily of the familyHerpesviridae.

The damage caused by these two viruses is mainly due to tissue destruction, although in the case of ocular herpes, the body's immune response is also at work.

Both viruses share common features that distinguish them from the rest of the Alpha subfamily viruses, which is why their name contains the adjective simplex.

Some people say that genital herpes comes out on face to express herpes simplex virus type 2 affecting face. People who express themselves in this way confuse the disease with its cause: genital herpes is the disease and the virus is the cause.

You may also have heard the term "facial sore" as a misnomer for herpes on the face.

The expression "herpes on the face from the sun" expresses that the sun is the cause of this disease. In a way, people who believe this have a reason, because sun exposure can trigger activation of the root cause of facial herpes: the virus.

Transmission of herpes on the face []

Herpes on the face is contagious because the viruses that cause it are easily transmitted. Its main route of transmission is contact with the area affected by the lesions. Because of this, one of the most common forms of contagion is being kissed by someone who has a herpes outbreak on their face. It's a kiss you should avoid.

I have already mentioned that the basic mode of transmission of the virus is physical contact, which includes sexual contact in its various possible forms.

Although the virus cannot maintain its integrity for long outside of the host's body, it is also possible to become infected through contact or through the use of clothing and objects that have come in contact with the affected area or have been contaminated with bodily fluids that contain the virus virus contain virus.

The virus is transmitted not only from one person to another, but also between areas of the same person's body. For this reason, if you have a herpes outbreak on your face, avoid touching other parts of your body after touching the area of ​​the outbreak.

This means that genital herpes is caused by the same type of virus that causes facial herpes. It's quite possible for a person with a facial herpes outbreak to get genital herpes if they don't take the necessary preventive measures. This can easily happen if, after touching wounds on your face, you touch your genitals without washing your hands thoroughly.

Product for the prevention of herpes outbreaks on the face []

Herpes outbreaks are associated with a weakened immune system and the action of triggering factors such as stress, which are sometimes mistaken for the true cause of the disease.

Herpesyl is a natural product consisting of 26 natural ingredients that strengthens the immune system against herpes and prevents outbreaks.

Manufactured in the United States by an FDA-approved company, this product is sold nationally as a dietary supplement and exported internationally.

In addition to its anti-herpes benefits, Herpesyl also has anti-inflammatory effects and antibacterial properties. It is a product that can be taken by anyone as it has no harmful side effects.

By clicking on the image you can access the Herpesyl official website, find out about all its properties and buy it.

Herpesyl – dietary supplement to prevent facial herpes outbreaks.

Drug treatment for herpes on the face]

From the point of view of conventional medicine, herpes on the face is treated with antiviral agents, the list of which is includedAcyclovir[2]which is available in pills, injections, creams and ointments.

The most common form of aciclovir is when it is taken in tablet form. It is generally an effective treatment as it stops the virus from multiplying and therefore reduces the intensity of outbreaks and their duration, although it does not eliminate the virus from our bodies.

This drug and other antivirals such as famvir and valaciclovir have harmful side effects and are often expensive in some countries. The costs are increasing because herpes is a recurring disease.

Home remedies for herpes on face]

There are several home remedies that come from folk wisdom. These include applying ice to the blisters, washing the wounds with moringa infusion, and applying green tea infusion to the wounds.

Although these treatments don't eliminate the virus, they help reduce pain, and some of them soften breakouts and shorten their duration.

Alternative Treatments For Herpes On Face []

In addition to home remedies, there are other alternative treatment methods. This includes using cold sore treatment devices that concentrate heat and kill the virus in the area of ​​the outbreak.

These devices are sold in many stores, but they are usually expensive, and in addition to this disadvantage, they do not eliminate the herpes virus from your body.

Another alternative treatment for removing herpes on the face is the use of patches, creams and natural ointments that contain tea tree ointment. This is sold in stores in different countries. Neither of these options will eliminate the virus from your body; its effect is only in the breakout area.

cure herpes on face []

There is currently no treatment that will eliminate herpes overnight; whoever promises betrays you. Curing a disease means eliminating its cause, not just its signs and symptoms.

Herpes is a very difficult disease to cure because the virus that causes it has protective mechanisms to prevent its destruction by the immune system. Curing facial herpes is not the same as relieving the outbreak.

An effective treatment to cure facial herpes is The Ultimate Herpes Protocol. This treatment is mainly based on alternative medicine, but also uses products from conventional medicine.

This method was developed by a British doctor, the father of journalist Melanie Addington. She contracted genital herpes and asked her father for help after losing faith in conventional medical treatments.

Melanie's father went in search of a cure to cure his daughter, and so the protocol was born. After getting rid of herpes, she decided to write a book called The Ultimate Herpes Protocol for anyone who wanted to use this treatment.

This method is characterized by eliminating the virus that causes herpes in less than 60 days through a healing process structured in three phases described below.

Stages of herpes in facial healing

The aim of the first step is to strengthen the patient's immune system. Diet plays an important role in this. That's why the book lists foods to eat and foods to avoid during treatment.

Diet is important because if you have herpes, your diet and lifestyle could be contributing to frequent outbreaks.

The second stage of the method is about destroying the protective protein layer of the virus so that the immune system, which was strengthened in the first stage, can eliminate it. This is the most important phase of treatment, since its action removes the protection of the virus, which prevents its destruction by the cells of the immune system.

The third step includes measures aimed at preventing the virus from multiplying.

After completing the three stages of treatment, you will be free of herpes and healthier as your body is also primed to fight other diseases that may affect you.

Steps of the final protocol for herpes
PracticeMetause of medicine
stage 1Strengthening of the immune system.Diet and lifestyle changes.
Level 2Destroy the protective protein layer of the virus.Application of two non-toxic pharmaceutical products.
level 3Stop virus multiplication.Diet high in lysine and low in arginine and taking supplements for herpes.

Benefits of the Ultimate Herpes Protocol

The advantages of this protocol include a formula to create a natural ointment that has been shown in experimental studies in different countries to be more effective than aciclovir cream and aciclovir ointment for treating blisters and wounds.

With this treatment you can eliminate facial herpes or any other type of herpes simplex and destroy the virus that caused it in a maximum of 60 days.

Anyone who has used this protocol in the treatment of herpes on the face or other parts of the body has expressed great satisfaction with the results obtained.

The most relevant part of the treatment is the final elimination of the herpes virus, which you can use at home if you have the book with all the indications.

The book in English can beDownloadable in PDF format from the official website.

If you speak Spanish and are interested in getting rid of the herpes virus from your body quickly and forever, you canDownload the book in SpanishClick on the link.

If you prefer to read the book in French, you canDownload the Herpes End Protocol in French.

Herpes on the face of pregnant women []

The most dangerous herpes in pregnant women is genital herpes because the mother can infect the baby at birth if she has an outbreak at that time or if the virus is present in the vagina without an outbreak.

Herpes on the mother's face also poses a danger to the newborn.

Newborn babies have weak immune systems and infection with the herpes simplex virus can be fatal.

A mother with facial herpes must take extreme measures to prevent her baby from contracting it.

If the herpes affects the mother's lips, she can use hydrocolloid patches to shorten the time of the outbreak and prevent the baby from coming into contact with the outbreak area and its secretions.

Women with newborn children who have had herpes outbreaks on their face should avoid kissing their baby and kissing their baby's face for no reason.

Final remarks on herpes in facial care []

The face is the part of the body that shows the facial appearance, and herpes is a disease that damages our image in the eyes of others. This disease not only affects our appearance, but also causes pain, swollen glands and other ailments.

Herpes on the face can be very dangerous as it can cause keratitis if it infects the eyes.

There are several treatments for herpes on the face. The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is very effective and removes the virus from our body for good.

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