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Wondering which zodiac signs are the most compatible soul mates for aTwins?

Well, you don't need to look any further.

Here you will learn more about your best and worst romantic partners, as well as your characteristics as a soulmate.

If you want to know which signs you will have a sizzling or sizzling soulmate relationship with, you've come to the right place!

4 Best Signs for a Gemini (Soulmate Compatibility)

Gemini Soulmate Guide: Who's Your Best (And Worst) Love Match? - love connection (1)

While it might seem like Geminis have a lot of bad relationship qualities, they have been known to fix them with the following signs:


With an incredible 93% compatibility rate,Libraproves to be the best soulmate for a Gemini.

Although they are both air signs, they are living proof thatopposites attract each other.

Dealing with just about everything, Gemini is very different from Libra's emotional approach to life.

Despite their contrasting ways, Gemini and Libra make things work with their strong communication skills and racy sex life.

Given these reasons, it's not surprising that Libra is the best soul mate for Gemini.


Leo, being fierce and bold, is the opposite of soft and subtle Gemini. While this difference is enough to set most partners apart, it's something that holds the two signs together.

To illustrate: they have an exceptional soulmatecompatibility rate88%.

“A Gemini-Leo relationship can be defined as fun, exciting and joyful,” explains astrologer Kristina Semos.

After all, air fuels fire.

On the one hand, they help to balance each other's characteristics.

Gemini loves variety, while Leo is more interested in pleasure and creativity.

lion, who is prone to anger, can be easily controlled by the calm Gemini.

Leo can teach Gemini about love and pleasure, as the latter is a student willing to learn.

Sexually, Leo loves to take charge, while Gemini is open to trying anything. No wonder they have a sex life that surprises both of them.

Despite the tremendous physical bond, Gemini and Leo are prone to domestic problems that can weaken the relationship.

That is, Gemini is a mutable sign that likes change. Leo, on the other hand, is a fixed sign that likes the way things are.

They tend to focus on themselves, so they have a hard time listening to each other.

Though they bicker from time to time, both will work to patch things up before the end of the day.


The Gemini-Aquarius partnership comes with a strong 85% compatibility rate, for several reasons.

As air sign mates, they love to learn, communicate, and socialize.

"Communication won't be an issue here, as these two signs are incredibly verbal and have no qualms about letting their partner know about any issues they're having," says astrologer Mitzye Ribas.

These two signs form a trine, a sign that your relationship will be easy and harmonious.

They approach sex as fun and pleasurable, treating even sensual play as a kind of verbal foreplay.

Aquarius will find it easy to confidently pull Gemini out of their own sexual shell.

That said, some of the similarities between Gemini and Aquarius can be bad for the relationship.

Both find it hard to let go of each other's mistakes. Also, they tend to rely on the other person to solve their problems.

When combined, these issues end up getting in the way of your harmonious partnership.

In general, the key is accepting each other and working out the flaws.

When done correctly, everything else will come easy for the Gemini-Aquarius partnership.

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Thanks to planetary positioning,Gemini and Ariesachieve a soulmate compatibility rate of 83%.

The two are a friendly couple, known for attracting attention wherever they go.

They form a sextile which, in astrology, represents contentment and feelings of tranquility.

Unsurprisingly, it's because of the way they complement each other.

"Gemini is drawn to Aries' dominance, and Aries is stimulated by Gemini's intellectual curiosity," explains astrologer Carlucci.

AriesHe strongly believes in following specific rules and regulations in life. Gemini, on the other hand, has exemplary qualities of regularity and dignity.

When it comes to bedroom matters, Aries and Gemini are known for causing sparks. Although Aries tries to dominate Gemini, the latter is willing to try anything the former has in store.

Given these complementary styles, this partnership almost always ends at the altar.

After all, Aries adapts to all kinds of people, while Gemini has a different way of dealing with family and professional life.

Despite the good aspects of their relationship, there is one thing that Aries needs to watch out for: Gemini's periodic tantrums.

As long as they are in the middle, they can resolve these issues quickly.

3 Signs a Gemini Should Avoid (Soul Mate Warning)

Gemini, always indecisive and impatient, should be careful when entering a soul mate relationship with these signs:


Geminis are diligent people who can easily carry their partner's psychic burdens. Scorpio finds this trait attractive because it's something they can't do.

Also, your bed is almost always on fire.

Unfortunately, the harmony ends here. They are so incompatible that they only score 28% on the compatibility chart.

One reason is thefifteenth– which is the 'inconjunct' aspect in astrology. They are separated by five signs, which leads to a difficult relationship with many ups and downs.

Other reasons include element and modality. Gemini is mutable, which explains their intellect and flexibility. Scorpio is a fixed sign, so it is emotional and stubborn.

Emotionally, Geminis intellectualize feelings and move on with their lives. Scorpio might find this offensive, as he likes to have a deep conversation about his feelings.

Scorpio, known for being jealous, can have a hard time dealing with Gemini's extroverted nature.

Although they are incompatible, there is hope for these partners.

As astrologer Dana De Franco says:

"This couple's long-term potential is based on age, maturity, goals and compassion for Internet memes, as they both secretly love attention."


Although Gemini and Taurus are neighboring signs, they don't get along. It's quite evident in their compatibility score: a low 33%.

On the one hand, they find it difficulttrust each other.

They also move at different speeds in life. Gemini's impulsiveness means they like to move quickly. Taurus, on the other hand, likes to take it easy.

The same problem is seen in the way they communicate. Gemini will jump from one subject to another, while Taurus would like to stay on top for quite some time.

Adding insult to injury is thesexual incompatibilitybetween the two.

Known for moving fast, Geminis are just as quick on the bag. Taurus, unsurprisingly, likes to take their time.

Also, Taurus may find Gemini's cerebral approach to sex irritating.

Gemini, on the other hand, may disapprove of the Taurus' lack of curiosity.

Said and done, there is always hope for the two of you. They need to teach each other about their quirks as it is the only way tomake the relationship last.


The Gemini andFishsociety is something most people call peculiar. While their compatibility rate is a respectable 53%, this soulmate relationship has more downsides than upsides.

That is, Gemini craves freedom. On the other hand,Fishhe is more than willing to sit on his partner's hip.

Though they quickly fall intolove at first sightThey also fall off quickly.

It doesn't help that Gemini and Pisces also clash emotionally. The first is cerebral, while the second is very sensitive.

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Differences are also very evident in the sexual tastes of Gemini and Pisces.

The first wants variety, while the second loves passionate romance. That said, the latter is willing to do whatever it takes to please his Gemini partner.

Even with their differences, Gemini and Pisces can keep their relationship afloat.

Like other mutable air signs, they are optimistic and adaptable. All they have to do is use these similarities to bridge their gaps and create a partnership that will overcome all odds.

So, who is the best soulmate for a Gemini?

Gemini Soulmate Guide: Who's Your Best (And Worst) Love Match? - love connection (2)

As mentioned, Libra is the perfect soulmate for aTwins.

“An air and air sign pairing tends to be a very strong pairing,” explains astrologer Clarisse Monahan.

She adds, "Gemini, being also a very talkative sign, loves how expressive Libra is with their feelings."

Here's a summary of why Gemini and Libra score 93% on the compatibility scale.


Gemini and Libra are a match in most ways, especially when it comes tocommunication.

As mentioned, Geminis are smart and outgoing - they'll say whatever they want (or need) to say.

The same can be said for Libra. They are ready to chat and chat for hours.

However, his communication style is not limited to talking. They listen deeply, making sure to maintain 100% of their focus.

By communicating and listening well, they provide the emotional support every couple needs.

emotional compatibility

Gemini and Libra share many similarities, including emotions.

They fall in love quickly and, unfortunately, do not understand each other.

Since your feelings change in an instant, this partnership often faces instability issues.

Gemini can get bored easily, which makes Libra's insecurities stand out more. In the end, firmlyhold your partners– all to keep them close.

Due to the lack of 'emotionality' in both signs, they can end up keeping the relationship on a superficial level.

While this isn't a big concern for Gemini, the partnership-oriented Libra can end up feeling "alone" in their relationship.

Despite the obvious problems, that doesn't mean both signs can't connect on a deeper level: they can.

They often intellectualize their feelings which keeps them sane.

As a result, they don't have explosive fights, although they end up overriding their desires inadvertently.

sexual compatibility

Sparks fly when Gemini and Libra get together in bed.

"Sex will be light, flirtatious and playful, nothing serious, neither mystical nor affectionate," says astrologer Kristina Semos.

That means there's a lot of dirty talking, sexting, and whatnot for these two.

On the one hand, Geminis are up for anything. Libras, on the other hand, like the extra pampering they get from their partner.

Being a sign of balance, Libra will make their partner completely satisfied every time they hit the sheets.

That said, Geminis can't help but seek variety from time to time. They want risky, if not unusual sex, which Libra is willing to give.

However, the latter has a specific limit on the sexual things he should try.

While Gemini may look for something that meets their needs, they don't necessarily have to break off the relationship. They can keep things on the bright side as long as they make an effort to keep their bedroom ensembles sassy.

parenting style

Gemini and Libra connect with many things, and that includespaternity.

Gemini is a fun young dad who loves to take the kids out every weekend.

Libra, on the other hand, will strive to create a peaceful home for their loved ones. Because of this, they are the parents of choice when it comes to problem solving.

In short, the duo will easily agree on paternity. If there was a problem, they are more than willing to meet halfway.

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The downside, however, is that they find it difficult to control their children. They need to work on making decisions and following the rules to discipline their children.

Is Gemini a good soulmate?

Gemini, being eccentric and fun-loving, can seem like a poor soul mate. However, they approach love and relationships in a way that makes them attractive to compatible signs.

Desire for constant intellectual stimulation.

As an intellectual being, Geminis want their partner to stimulate their brain.

"Intellectual compatibility is when the same conversations mentally stimulate both people," explains relationship expert Jenna Ponnaman.

They want someone who can talk to them well, as you would expect from a Libra mate.

if they canvery boring, they may end up trying to find someone else who can reassure them.

Be careful when it comes to love

Although Gemini is inherently playful, they will exercise great caution before giving up on their heart. They are flirtatious but will do anything to find out more about their future partner.

In fact, they are often surprised that they have already fallen in love with each other.the person they like.

But when they fall in love, they don't hesitate to bet everything on their lover.

need for independence

At first glance, Gemini seems like a bad match. They are flaky and fun. They value freedom and personal space, which means they are never too emotionally dependent on their partner.

They are eager to say every timei need some space.

"It's essential to have your sense of autonomy and feel like you can depend on each other," explains etiquette professional Mara Opperman.

Fortunately, Libra has no problem listening and letting Gemini have their way. It's only a problem for signs like Pisces, who tend to be very clingy with their partners.

Hobby of "speaking" and listening

Speaking of talking, Geminis areeffective communicators. That's why they play Libra, a conversation partner. They will talk things out no matter how small the issue is.

But even if they talk a lot, they don't hesitate to listen to their partner's thoughts and speculations.

With excellent communication skills, it's no surprise that Geminis easilybuild trust in your relationships.

Are Geminis good lovers? (Twins and sex)

Gemini Soulmate Guide: Who's Your Best (And Worst) Love Match? - love connection (3)

According to author Constance Stellas, Geminis are "highly attuned to fantasy, thinking, and communication."

They are imaginative people, which means they like role-playing games.

That said, they don't like BDSM. Fun ringtones and light effects are things that turn them on.

After all, they want a light, easy and short scenario.

Speaking of undies, Geminis live for quick, spontaneous sex. They are willing to try unexpected positions and do it in peculiar places.

As a mouth and tongue person, Gemini loves French kisses, oral sex and neck kisses.

Geminis, equipped with an imaginative mind, are more likely to have a premium porn service. As a member, don't be surprised to see this! Know that they are always willing to turn it off and get down with (and call) you.

Common Mistakes Geminis Make in Love and Relationships

Twinsthey are great when it comes to communicating with their partner. But like any other zodiac sign, they make some mistakes when it comes to love and romance.

1) Flirting unintentionally

Being extroverts, Geminis are quite flirtatious with potential partners. They can talk nonstop, which is just one of thesigns that you are being flirted with.

Unfortunately, Geminis can't help but come across as flirtatious, even if that's not their intention. Unsurprisingly, it's a potential problem for possessive couples.

2) You don't pay much attention to your partner

As a mutable sign, Gemini can be immediately distracted. They do one thing and fly to the next.

Unsurprisingly, they often have a tight schedule. Unfortunately, this means they don't give their soulmates the attention they deserve.

This will make their partner demand time, which Gemini may see as an infringement on their freedom.The result?An all-out war waiting to happen.

3) He changes his mind immediately (gets bored easily)

Geminis are impatient and impulsive, so they get bored quickly in a relationship.

As dire as it sounds, therapist Elizabeth Ernshaw has this explanation:

"In reality, most people who struggle to commit and get bored in relationships are just struggling to feel safe and secure in a relationship."

Unfortunately, Gemini often changes and fails, which can be a challenge for their soulmate. Because of this, they are more likely to have affairs, especially if their partner does not stimulate them intellectually.

That said, they won't hesitate to commit to a serious relationship once they find their match.a true love. They will remain loyal to this partner as long as they can keep up with Gemini's extroverted lifestyle.

(Video) Gemini Compatibility – Best and Worst Matches.

4) He tells white lies

Geminis, unfortunately, tend to distort the truth. They like to tell white lies, which aren't so bad.

However, doing it repeatedly can turn your partner on.don't believe themno longer. After all, some partners believe that lying is just as bad as cheating.

5) Fake Drama

Geminis are drama kings and queens for a reason: they like to keep things interesting. They often end up starting issues or rumors that they think will keep the relationship exciting.

The problem though is that they can end up taking things that far. Instead of causing emotion, the drama ends up destroying the relationship.

6) Overthinking most of the time

Geminis are highly intelligent, which means they often rationalize what they're feeling.

Is it love? Or is it not?

They think too much, which means they find it harder to fall in love. Unless they explore their emotions right away, they won't reach the next level of the relationship.

In short: Gemini Soulmate Compatibility

Gemini Soulmate Guide: Who's Your Best (And Worst) Love Match? - love connection (4)

Geminis are smart, flexible and outgoing, just some of the qualities that make them good friends and better soulmates.

That said, they often get involved in relationship problems due to their impatience, indecisiveness and impulsiveness.

Despite these problems, Gemini can get along well with Libra, Leo, Aquarius and Aries.

Although Gemini has excellent soulmate compatibility rates with many signs, Libra proves to be the best match for the Gemini. They communicate well and are emotionally and sexually compatible with each other.

In addition, they are also excellent parents.

On the contrary, the characteristics of Gemini make it incompatible with three signs: Scorpio, Taurus and Pisces.

common questions

What signs are incompatible with Gemini?

Gemini is incompatible with Scorpio, Taurus and Pisces.

Scorpio finds Gemini's tendency to intellectualize offensive, while Taurus dislikes Gemini's "always on" personality.

On the other hand, Pisces' attachment does not bode well for Gemini's desire for freedom.

What is Gemini's love language?

Twinslove languageThey are words of affirmation. They are intellectual conversationalists, which means they support their partners through positive conversation.

What do Geminis hate in a relationship?

Gemini, being very independent, does not like clingy partners (like Pisces). They love to socialize so they don't like to be told what they do.

In terms of love and sex, Gemini craves variety. As such, they don't like partners who stick to a boring principle (or sex position).

What qualities make the best partner for Gemini?

Geminis need a partner who will stimulate them intellectually. They want someone who thrives on variety, just like they do.

More importantly, they don't like being with someone who holds them back. They value their alone time, so they want a partner who can give them that and more.

What do Geminis want in a relationship?

Gemini wants a mentally stimulating relationship. They want excitement in their relationship and don't like partners who do routine (and boring) activities.

They also want to maintain their personal freedom in their relationship. They want to be able to do whatever they want without being held back by their partner.

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