CR123 vs CR123A: What's the Difference? (2023)

CR123 vs CR123A: What's the Difference? (1)

Most small but powerful electronic devices are poweredLithiumbatterien. CR123 and CR123A are the two most commonly used batteries in most devices.

From their names, you can easily assume that these two lithium batteries are one and the same battery. But in reality they are very different. So which ones should you buy and for what application?

Read on as we break down the differences between the CR123 and CR123A.


What are CR123 batteries?

CR123 batteries are 3.0 volt lithium batteries and are used for high power devices. They are used in devices such as flashlights, cameras, etc. CR stands for Cylindrical Rechargeable Battery and 123 is the diameter of the battery in mm (18mm in this case).

What are CR123A batteries?

CR123A batteries are most commonly used in many small electronic devices due to their ability to efficiently power the device. They have the same voltage output as the CR123 but differ in diameter and length.

The A stands for anode, referring to its positive end. It is also shorter in length than a CR123 battery. An advantage of them is that they can be used in devices that don't accept larger CR123 batteries.

CR123 vs. CR123A: Spannung

The voltage of the two batteries is almost the same. The voltage of a CR123 battery is 3 volts while that of a CR123A battery is 3.6 volts. This means if you are using a device that requires a CR123 battery, it will also work with a CR123A battery, but not the other way around.

CR123 vs. CR123A: size and dimensions

CR123A batteries are 16.5mm in diameter and 51mm in length, while CR123 batteries are 17mm in diameter and 65mm in length.

The difference in length is quite significant since you can't use CR123 batteries in devices designed for smaller CR123A batteries. The difference in diameter is minimal, so you can easily replace one with the other if necessary.

CR123 vs. CR123A: Preis

The price of these two lithium batteries is greatly influenced by their size. While the price of a single CR123 battery is significantly lower than the CR123A, the price difference isn't that big if you buy them in bulk. The cost depends on where you buy it.

CR123 vs. CR123A: Usos

CR123 vs CR123A: What's the Difference? (2)

The use of these two batteries is almost the same as they have almost the same performance. The only difference is that they cannot be used interchangeably on devices that have a battery size specified on them.

For example, if you want to use a CR123A device that is designed to be used with a CR123 battery, it will not fit in the device and will likely get stuck in the device.

CR123 vs CR123A: pesos

The weight difference between the two batteries is minimal. A CR123 battery weighs 15 grams while a CR123A weighs only 12 grams. The weight difference between the two is 3 grams.

CR123 vs. CR123A: Influence of temperature

The two batteries have a similar effect on the temperature of the device in which they are used. The main difference here is that the CR123A can handle temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius while the CR123 cannot handle temperatures over 55 degrees Celsius.

CR123 vs CR123A: Security Issues

The two batteries have different dimensions and safety features. For example, a lithium battery used in a device such as a camera must be able to withstand extreme temperatures and high voltage spikes when charging. A lithium battery with these characteristics costs more than one without them.

CR123 vs CR123A: Lifespan

Both batteries have the same lifespan if used properly under ideal conditions. The service life of the two batteries is approx. 10 years. It is important to remember that battery life can be affected by storage conditions and battery usage.

CR123 vs. CR123A: Batteriekapazität

The main difference between the two battery types in terms of capacity is that a CR123 can store up to 3,000mAh while a CR1234 holds 2,600mAh. The capacity difference between the two is only 300mAh. This can be compared to the difference between a 1.3 volt and a 3.0 volt lithium battery. The 1.3 volt battery has about 3/4 the capacity of a 3.0 volt battery but has a much longer life than the CR123A.

CR123 vs. CR123A: Chemie

Both CR123 and CR123A are lithium based batteries. This simply means that they have the same chemical properties. The only difference is that CR123A has lower energy density and slightly higher internal resistance. This means the CR123A can be charged much faster than the CR123.

CR123 vs. CR123A: Kein Campo

In terms of performance, the two batteries are very similar. Both have a lifespan of around 10 years and both have a capacity of 3,000 mAh. Both have a voltage of 1.5 volts and an energy density of around 2 amp hours per gram. This means that they are very similar in terms of performance, but the CR123A is slightly more durable than the CR123 due to its higher energy density.

CR123 vs. CR123A: Lagerbedingungen

You should always store CR123 and CR123A batteries in their original packaging to avoid damage to the battery itself and leakage or corrosion if stored in a humid environment. If you store the CR123A in its original packaging, you must store it in a dry place away from water or liquids.

CR123 vs. CR123A: Descarte

The best way to dispose of both batteries is to recycle them. You can do this by taking the battery to a local recycling center or by calling your local recycling center directly to see what they accept. If not, you can safely dispose of the battery using proper household waste disposal methods.

Frequently asked questions about CR123 vs CR123A

CR123 vs CR123A: What's the Difference? (3)

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the CR123 and CR123A.

What does CR mean?

CR is a prefix used by the IEC to indicate that the battery uses lithium chemistry. C means lithium and R means rechargeable.

Can I use CR123 and CR123A interchangeably?

No, CR123A and CR123 batteries are not interchangeable. The CR123A battery is designed for use in digital cameras and flashlights. These devices require a higher voltage than the CR123 battery. The CR123A has a voltage of 1.5 volts, which is higher than the 1.2 to 1.5 volts that the CR123 uses.

Is there a real difference between the two?

Yes, there is a real difference between the two batteries, especially in terms of size and weight. The CR123A is slightly larger in diameter than the standard sized single AA battery and is slightly heavier compared to other single AA batteries of similar size and weight.

How long do I have to charge the batteries?

The time it takes to charge the battery depends on how often it has been used, how much power has been used and the current battery level. If you're using a CR123A in a digital camera or flashlight that requires more than 1.2 volts, you'll need to charge it more often than you would if you were using a CR123 battery.

How long can I store my batteries before they run out?

This entirely depends on how often you use your batteries. If they are stored in a cool place, such as the glove box or trunk, their lifespan can be greatly extended. However, if they are stored in a warm place, such as B. in the trunk of your car, you need to charge them more often.

Can I use the same batteries in multiple devices?

Yes, you can use the same battery on multiple devices. However, this shortens its lifespan due to repeated use and charging. Even if the battery is not fully discharged before charging, it will not be charged to full capacity.

How do I know if my batteries need replacing?

If you use a CR123A or CR123 battery, you will find that the battery wears out after about three years. The first sign that your battery is near the end of its useful life is when it no longer holds a charge.

Is there a difference between normal alkaline batteries and lithium batteries?

There are two types of alkaline batteries: zinc-carbon and zinc-manganese. Both are safe to use but have different functions. When using zinc-carbon, the service life is significantly shorter than when using zinc-manganese.

Zinc-manganese does not contain water and has a higher energy density than zinc-carbon. Zinc-Manganese also has an extremely low self-discharge rate and can be recharged hundreds of times before capacity is exhausted.


I hope you now understand the difference between CR123 and CR123A batteries. With this information you can now decide which battery type is best suited for your application.

And if you want to buy either or both of these batteries in China, please feel free to contact usICRFQ. We are a trusted supplier of quality batteries at affordable prices. We deliver the desired products to you quickly and efficiently.

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