Can Bed Bugs Kill You? makes you sick? More than 10 side effects [More information] (2023)

bedbugsit can be a real nightmare.

you are scary.


And feast on your blood.

But the real question is whether bed bugs can be deadly.

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Can Bed Bugs Kill You?

in short,NO.bedbugswill not killOf.

in veryrarelyCases where bed bug bites can leadseriousSymptoms that can have serious consequencesHealth Conditions. Bed bug symptoms are usually quite mild and cause emotional rather than physical distress.

What is an example of severe bed bug symptom?

BECAUSE. A blood infection.

Without treatment, sepsis turns intoseptic shockwhich can be deadly.

(Video) Doctor explains BED BUGS - including SYMPTOMS, TREATMENT AND PREVENTION ( +PHOTOS!)

Although not very common, sepsis can result from infected bed bug bites that have not been properly treated - such as B. holding the bitesauberand free of bacteria.

When this happens and sepsis turns into septic shock. . .

CorrectTreatmentcontainsIV-Antibioticsand fluids administered in the hospital.

Can Bed Bugs Kill You? makes you sick? More than 10 side effects [More information] (1)

In some cases,oxygennecessary.

If that's not enough for you,pesticidesused to bedeal withThe infestation can make you sick.

pyrethrinis a common chemical used to treat bed bug infestations.exhibitionToo much of this chemical can cause:

  • Headache
  • To sneeze
  • nausea
  • Stuffy nose
  • Shake
  • loss of coordination
  • swelling
  • facial flush
  • cramps
  • asthmatic breathing

in short,NOYou cannot kill bedbugs instantly.

ButR. . .

They can make you sick, and if these conditions are not treated, they canbe potentially dangerous.


Just don't case. . .

make sure thatsauberthe bites and take care of themInfection.

ButAnd youfour leggedMembers of the family? Are they in?Danger?

Can Bed Bugs Kill Dogs?

As cute as dogs are, they arenot immunefor bedbugs.

bedbugs Festival on anything with blood (incl.your pets).

not only willbed bug biteYour dog, but so can youhitchhikeon your dog and your home - whether on the coat, bed or toys.

While bed bugs have a hard time moving in their fur, humans are their first choice.

Can Bed Bugs Kill You? makes you sick? More than 10 side effects [More information] (2)

What happens if your dog is bitten by bed bugs?

talk to yourVeterinarian.Flea and tick treatments may not work. Strong pesticides can harm your dog, so be careful!

This is one of the reasons why treatments should be carried out by a professional. There are effective bed bug removal methods that don't require harmful pesticides.

Like themHeat treatment of bedbugs.

symptomsHigh levels of chemicals can cause:

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  • sabbern
  • lethargy
  • Apnea
  • muscle tremors
  • Diarrhea
  • To vomit
  • seizures
  • deafness
  • paralysis
  • tod


hold yourbest friend for surecalling a professional to get rid of the infestation immediately.

Can Bed Bugs Kill Cats?

The answer is no, bed bugs do not kill cats.bed bug bitesuncomfortable (to say the least) for your feline friend.

These bites can cause the following symptoms in your cat:

  • itch
  • excessive scratches
  • skin infection
  • Allergic reaction

Can Bed Bugs Kill You? makes you sick? More than 10 side effects [More information] (3)

To search forbiteson the abdomen or back, as these are the most common bite sites in cats.

what pulgaETick ​​repellent for bed bugs?

No, these are allowed.not be effectiveto treat bedbugs.

Talk to your veterinarian about which treatment is best.EffectiveEsafefor your cat.

Can bed bug bites make you physically sick?

itchIt's a common reaction to bed bug bites, but it doesn't stop there.

Allergic reactionBed bugs can range from mild to severe - go for itphysically sick.

signs of aallergic reactionto contain:

  • swelling
  • pain in the bitten area
  • Fever
  • chills
  • nausea and/or vomiting
  • dizziness
  • difficulty breathing

NoDon't let an allergic reaction run amok.

Can Bed Bugs Kill You? makes you sick? More than 10 side effects [More information] (4)

This can lead to thisanaphylaxis. . .

Alife riskallergic reaction.

the scary thing isallergic reactioncan getheaviestover time for aanaphylaxisreaction takes place.

What is an allergic reaction like?treated?

Usually with antihistamines like Benadryl. Make sure you ask for their advice.DoctorFirst.

But what aboutanaphylaxis?

Since it is more severe, it is usually treated in the hospital. . .

  • oxygen
  • epinephrine
  • IV-Antihistamines

Anaphylaxis can belife risk, so don't ignore the signs - the biggest ones are swelling of the throat, tongue and difficulty breathing.

Can bed bugs cause health problems?

E,bedbugscan cause a lothealth problems– particularly on the skin.

What type?

(Video) How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs - Ace Hardware

Impetigo or ecthyma are the most common.

ImpetigoIt is an extremely contagious infectionit causes sores on the face. It usually affects babies and children.

Can Bed Bugs Kill You? makes you sick? More than 10 side effects [More information] (5)

when is impetigoDeeperon the skin saysEcthym. is still abacterial infectionwhich causes crusted sores.


Mental health issues have been reported by people who have experienced itbedbugsin her house.

These includeinsomnia and anxiety. In some cases, bed bugs can be long-lastingpsychological problems.

insomniait is common because bed bugs feed at night. Previous victims usually stay awake and feel the bed bugs crawling on their skin.

Victims who feel a slight sensation in their body quickly conclude that it must be bed bugs.

How canallsleep?

insomniayou will

  • Depression
  • Appetitverlust
  • focusing problem
  • irritability

Can Bed Bugs Kill You? makes you sick? More than 10 side effects [More information] (6)

ThenE, Bed bugs cause physical, mental and emotional health problems.

Can you live with bed bugs?

Maybe - but the question should be, do you do it?to wantForlive with bed bugs?

The clear answer is. . .


Bed bug infestations can quickly get out of control.

When onefertilized femalebreaks into your house, might be out there100eggs in the 1st month.

At the end of the 2nd month it will be10Adults reproduce with200bed bugs in differentstages of growth.

At the end of the 3rd month…

The bed bug plague will be in full swing100breeding adults,1.000Development of bed bugs and even500Owner.

So no, you cannot and should not live with bed bugs.

Long-term side effects of bed bug bites

Assuming you don't have an allergic reaction, orget an infection from the bites or hallucinate as a resultlack of sleep- You still have to deal with itSide effectsof bedbug bites.

itchit's probably the biggest - as the bites become unappetizingitchy red spots.

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Can Bed Bugs Kill You? makes you sick? More than 10 side effects [More information] (7)

Not just these little bitesugly and itchylike crazy but they'll keep you up in the middle of the nightitchor think of constant irritation.

How to get rid of the itch

Over-the-counter medications can help. You can start by rubbing a cream over the bite marks to relieve irritation. However, the bites will only get worse over time if the infestation is not treated soon after it is discovered.

Remember, an anti-itch cream is ain the meantimeFix your symptoms until you canget rid offthe infestation.

Do bed bugs transmit disease?

on awork experience, bed bugs have been shown to spreadChagas diseaseIn rats.

So far it has not been shown to spread to humans in this way. . .


You don't want to be the first to knowbedbugstransmit Chagas disease to humans.

From now on, Chagas disease will be transmitted byinsect kisses--- which are distant cousins ​​of the bed bug.

The disease is more common in Latin America, butcasesin the USA were inelevation.

While Bed Bugs Can't Kill YouImmediately,in rare cases, can have serious consequencesreactionssuch as allergic reactions, sepsis, insomnia and mental/emotional problems.

Can Bed Bugs Kill You? makes you sick? More than 10 side effects [More information] (8)

What should I do if I suspect bed bugs?

If you suspect a bed bug infestation...

The key is not to panic. Don't move your bedroom furniture and don't throw away your belongings in a frenzy. Above all, you must not be careless when using it yourself pest control productswhich can be harmful to you or your family.

The first step is to correctly identify the pests you encounter and prove that they arereally bedbugs.

There isvarious insectswhich can be easily confused with bed bugs, so make sure you identify them properly.

How bed bugs hide during the day…

You can identify these pests by doing the following:

  • Wait until nightfall and grab a flashlight to help you search.signs of an infestation. You can look for eggs, fecal stains, or dander.
  • To usebed bug trapsto catch bed bugs as they move.
  • Check its body for signs of bites (may look like red welts or bumps in a clustered formation.

Can Bed Bugs Kill You? makes you sick? More than 10 side effects [More information] (9)

Once you identify the infestation, you can take steps to seek the proper treatment.

So... can bed bugs cause death?

Except in extremely rare cases (usually due to underlying medical conditions), bed bugs do not cause death.

you probablyI am not goingrepresent a serious risk to the health of the victims they bite. The degree of physical injury can vary depending on the severity of the infestation and the sensitivity of your skin.

In some cases the bites do not appear, in others the bites may swell andlast weeks.

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Bed bug bites cause much more emotional suffering than physical. So if you have bed bugs, it's important to stay calm and act quickly.

If you were bitten in an apartment or hotel room, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. Contact us for yourfree consultation. An attorney will discuss next steps with you and help determine if you have a case for legal action.


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